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Top Tips For Creating Your Summer Vacation Photo Book

Vacation Photo Book by MyClearStory.com

You had a great vacation, took memorable vacation photos and have the best intentions of organizing them and sharing them with family and friends. But once you’re home from your vacation, unpacked and getting back to your daily life, it’s easy to let those vacation photos fall way down on the priority list.

Don’t let your pictures sit idly in your camera or on your computer hard drive. Share them with your friends and family by creating a Vacation Photo Book.

Getting started is the hardest part – but we’d like to give you some tips and inspiration to turn your memorable moments into a memorable Vacation Photo Book that you will treasure for years to come. Here are some tips for creating the perfect vacation photo book.

Tip #1 – Outline Your Vacation Story

Write an outline for the story you want to tell about your vacation.  Once you have thought about what the highlights were, suddenly, deciding which photos you want to use and how you want to organize them becomes easy. It will also help you think about any text you want to include in your vacation photo book.

Many like to tell their vacation story in chronological order, beginning with the travel to their destination, arriving at the hotel or gathering for dinner on the first night. Others will want to highlight their most extreme adventures or the funniest moments. Whether you organize images together in chronological order, or by the type of activity, think about the highlights of your vacation, and the story you want to tell.

Tip #2 – Organize Your Vacation Photos

Before you choose a photo book company or a template, choose the best photos from your vacation. Decide which photos capture the moments you most want to share. Organize them according to the outline you created in Tip# 1.

Which photos do you want to feature as a full page? Perhaps you have some particularly great scenic shots that represent the most spectacular locations from your vacation. Group shots are also great to feature on a full page.

Which photos should be grouped?  Once you set the scene, you may want to group shots that show your group at that location. Group the best of any time-lapse shots, perhaps, shooting the rapids or bungee jumping. You may have individual shots of people within your group enjoying the same activity that enhance the story by being grouped. Remember that the more photos you include on a page, the smaller they will be so you still want to be selective.

Once you have your photos selected and organized in a way that shows off the highlights of your vacation, the rest is easy.

Tip #3 – Decide Where You Want Type

Vacation Photo Book Captions

Since you have already come up with an outline for your vacation photo book, it will be easy to decide where you want to annotate your photos. We suggest that you keep photo captions to one line – since it is really the photos you really want to highlight.  If you want to include type in your photo book, make sure you choose a template that gives you that option and select the option to have type when you download the template.

If you want to include more information about your Vacation Photo Book, consider starting the book with a “Story Page”  Write a fun intro to your Vacation Photo Book that summarizes the highlights – wether it revolves around the people you were with, the places you visited or the extreme adventures you had.

Tip #4 – Choose a Template

There are many photo book companies and many different types of templates to create your books. Our tip is to keep it simple. Some templates offer thematic graphics that may seem cute but can get in the way when you start to lay out your photos. The template should not dictate how you tell your story. A simple template will be the easiest to work with since you will not have to layout your photos around extraneous artwork. We also find that a simple and clean layout also gives you the most professional looking finished product.

Tip #5 – Vary the Number of Photos on Your Pages

Even simple templates will allow you to vary pages within the photo book. By varying the number and location of photos on the pages, you will create visual interest. Use your single image pages to display large group shots, or particularly beautiful scenic shots or other important milestones from your summer vacation. If you have pictures that naturally go together in a quick series, group them in order on their own page.

For instance, you may want to start your vacation photo book by showcasing one large image of your destination followed by a page that includes 3 shots of your group enjoying activities on the first day of your vacation. Variety in your photo book pages makes the book much more fun to read and showcase on your coffee table.

Tip #6 – Think About Production

Premium paper stock, and state-of-the-art printing equipment will affect how your vacation book turns out.  With a quality cover and thick paper stock, your images have a solid foundation that protects your pages from smearing, fading, or being easily torn. You want to seek out a printing company that uses these high quality production materials so that your book will last for many years.

A Summer Vacation Photo Book is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories from your time together with family and friends. Digital images can be emailed back and forth or added to a website, but your tangible photo album is a way to pass your memories down through generations and have a constant reminder in your living room of your family or friends cherished time together.

Get started on your Summer Vacation Photo Book Now!

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