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Tell Your Story With Photos

A Photo Book Keeps Your Stories Alive

Tell Your Story With A Photo Book

How many times during a given week do you pick up the phone or text to tell a friend or family member a cute story about your kids or a comical story about your pet or about something exciting that just happened? Your life is made up of many funny, interesting and sometimes life changing stories. Some stories are told once, while others are retold over and over, growing in relationship to everyone who hears them.  These everyday experiences, collectively, create a story of a life well lived.

Have you ever wished you could capture your stories in book form?

Today, it is easier than ever to create your own photo book that will capture the stories of your life.  You may want to create a photo book as an heirloom, a gift, or simply a one-of-a-kind volume that depicts a personalized story that you’ve constructed from your own photographs. Turn your stories into a beautiful photo book that you can share with family and friends so your story can be shared for years to come.  Whether it’s a holiday photo book or an everyday photo book filled with the everyday moments of your life, you can publish your photos in books (or in a book) to tell the stories you love best!

Creating a photo book is a creative journey.

Publish Your Story in a Photo BookPutting on your author’s cap is both exciting and fun.  Embarking on a photo book project will allow you to experience the writer’s journey from that initial idea to final publication.  Think of each story as simpl, something that happened in your life that you share with others.  It does not have to be complicated or even particularly significant. It is a story that you want to share.

Not a natural writer? Don’t worry. You can decide how much writing with which you are comfortable.  In a photo book you can use mainly photographs to tell your story!  Though some people like to include a page of text that sets the stage for their photo book, others like to annotate each photo with captions, while many let the photos tell the whole story. All of these approaches can result in beautifully crafted photo books.

Start by thinking of your audience.

Before navigating through your stacks of photos, think about the audience for your photo book.  Is this a story for family, friends, colleagues, a spouse, small children, others that share an interest, or simply for your own bookshelf? Thinking about the people you want to share your story with will help you shape the story itself.

Decide what story you want to tell.

You tell stories all of the time.  Intuitively, you know that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an ending.  When you are choosing the photos you want to include, think about how the story will be told from the beginning, what happens in the middle and how it ends.

The main idea of your story may be as simple as a family gathering or as complex as capturing a loved one’s life with carefully chosen photographs.  Which stories do you want to tell?

Consider the following story concepts.  They can inspire you to create your own special photo book story.

Happy Holidays

The holidays are approaching and photo books make very personal and memorable gifts. Again, think first about the people you will share your story with. If you have young children, you may want to capture special moments from each holiday season to create a book that will accompany them into adulthood. You may want to share the best moments from the previous holiday get-togethers with your extended family. If your audience is an aging parent, you may want to scan old photos of past holidays. Begin with a photo of Mom with her 1960s hairdo prepping the holiday meal. In the middle, show all of the events of the day; opening gifts, little Helen knocking down the tree when she tried to ride her new bike in the living room, Harry and John fighting over the chicken leg…well, you get the idea. End the story with a picture of Mom surrounded by her big, boisterous and loving family.

Think of the holiday stories you love best and allow your photos to retell them!

School Days

Most kids get yearbooks these days, but they are filled with lots of kids—not just your special student and the people he or she is close to.  School is just getting started for the year, so this is a great time to plan a photo book so you can capture all the significant moments throughout the year.

Consider a custom photo book as a truly unique graduation or year-end gift that your child will treasure, whether they are just entering the first grade or graduating from high school, college, or even kindergarten!

One idea, that captured our imagination for a school photo book, told the story of the changing interests of child from kindergarten through High School (cap or no cap on High School) by chronicling what was on his t-shirt. Photographs showed the child in kindergarten wearing a superhero shirt. Later he was wearing shirts with logos of his favorite sports teams. Later photos showed him showing off the logos of his favorite bands. Show the moments that have led up to this great finale—their graduation.  Present the book at their graduation party and try not to cry!

Everyday Moments Made SpecialTell A Story with a Custom Photo Book

Your photo book doesn’t have to reflect a major occasion, but it can make everyday moments extraordinarily special.  Consider the little moments you share with your partner that make up any ordinary day but also make every day special.  Consider a theme—holding hands: holding hands over morning coffee, strolling hand in hand at a local farmer’s market, holding the hands of your child, gripping hands on a roller coaster ride, entwining your hands on the front porch watching a great sunset.

You can transform any idea, occasion or everyday experiences into a singular photo book. Look through your own photographs for inspiration.  You’ll be surprised at how many stories your photos can tell when you begin to put them together.  Choose your favorite story and let Clearstory publish it for you in a professionally bound photo book that will showcase your memories and become a lasting treasure you’ll always cherish.

To get started creating your photo book, have your photos organized in the way that you want your story to flow. Then, simply download the Clearstory software and upload your photos.  The software will guide you through the process – even if you have no experience.

You can choose Clearstory’s Everyday Photo Book, which gives you a beautiful hard cover with special die-cuts, 20 pages for photos and a story page at the beginning. Or, you can choose the Clearbooks Photo Book which will give you options for different covers, layouts and will allow for as much copy and creativity as you want to put into your story.  Have fun and tell your story so it will be remembered – in a photo book.

Create a Photo Book


Photo Book Gift for College Student

What to Pack for Your College Bound Student

Create a Photo Book to Remind Them of Home.

Pack a special gift for your college bound student.

Your child is heading off to college – and is probably very excited and a little bit nervous about living away from home for the first time. Before summer ends and a new chapter begins for your college bound student, there is a flurry of activity to prepare for a new life .  There are many lists that you can check to insure that you are packing all that your child will need while at college – but those lists may not include the little comforts that can get your child through those inevitable lonely and uncertain times.

order flagyl

Those first few weeks away at college can be rough on a new student, especially if this is the first time your child will be living away from home.  It is easy to get a little homesick – missing family, old friends and all that is familiar.  So while you are packing up his or her favorite sweater, those worn-in jeans and the must-have pillow, slip in a special gift that is sure to bring smile with happy memories of home.

Create a photo book of your child’s favorite things about home.

We have found that what a new college student misses most about home are the everyday moments that make up their daily lives. Below are some ideas to help you compile photos that your college student will treasure while away from home.

  • Just hanging out in his or her room.
  • Playing guitar on the bed.
  • Rough-housing with the family pet.
  • Watching TV with brothers and sisters.
  • Taking a nap on the couch.
  • Talking with mom at the kitchen island.
  • Reading in that special nook by the window.
  • Beating his little brother on a computer game.
  • Hanging out with friends in the basement.
  • Catching a football game with dad.
  • Barbequing in the back yard with the family.
  • Favorite hangouts with friends.

Can’t get a photo book done before your child leaves for school? Surprise your student with a special care package.  Photo books are treasured gifts from home – especially in those first few weeks of college.

Photo Book Gift for College StudentClearstory’s Everyday Photo Book makes putting together a quality photo book faster, easier and more affordable than ever.  Simply download the software and upload your photos. The software guides you through each step making it fast and simple to create a photo book your college student will love.  Write something special from home on the first page, then fill the rest of the 20 pages with photos of favorite every day moments. The Everyday Photo Book comes with a specialty die-cut, hard cover and is just $19.95.

When you are packing up for college, think about sending along a photo book with all of their favorite everyday memories of home. 


Get Started Now!

Everyday Photo Books for Back to School Phtotos

Back to School Photo Books

Get your cameras ready, the kids are going back to school. Here are some photo ideas for capturing all those back to school moments. Make the memories last with a fast, easy, affordable and beautiful Back to School Photo Book.

Back to School Phtotos

Fall is in the air and the kids are heading back to school. Packed lunches, yellow school buses and piles of homework are ahead!  These are special moments in your children’s lives, whether they’re entering the first grade or their senior year in high school. Capture these moments in a Back to School Photo Book, so that you can reminisce, for years to come, about these once-in-a-lifetime memories.

A photo book that is fast, easy and affordable to create will help you to make sure that your back to school photos don’t end up in a dusty bin of long-forgotten photos or in the never looked at files on your computer. You can document the whole process of going back to school with your child’s help!

Don’t Forget a Single Moment

Back to School Photo Book
Going back to school is about much more than that first morning of school. Your child starts getting excited about heading back to school long before the big day. Capture all of the moments that lead up to going back to school.

  • Take your camera along when shopping for new school supplies and clothing.
  • Document the “fashion shows” your kids put on when they try on their back-to-school outfits.
  • Have a family member take a photo of you helping your daughter with her hair or tying the shoelaces on your son’s new skate shoes.
  • Have your camera ready as your family sits down to breakfast on that first day of school and as you pack the lunches.
  • Photograph your kids loading up their new backpacks with school supplies and books.
  • Get a shot of your child walking to school or the bus stop.
  • If you take your child to school, capture the reunion with friends, standing in line to enter the classroom, and when your child first meets his or her teacher.
  • Other moments might include photos at the end of the day when they come home to tell you all about their first day at school over cookies and milk.

Keep a Camera on Hand to Capture Special Moments Every Day.
You never know when a photo opportunity will present itself, so make sure you always keep a camera at hand. For instance, your child might bring home a new friend. Capture their playtime in the yard, bonding over snacks, or let them have the camera to document each other’s adventures.

Everyday Photo Book Software Helps to Make Preserving Your Every Day Moments Fast and Easy.
Remember the days when you had to take your roll of film in for developing, then sort through the photos and put them into photo albums? For many of us, those photos stayed in their envelopes, never to be organized into a photo album. Those that did make it into an album are now yellowed or permantly stuck to the protective plastic.

Everyday Photo Books for Back to School PhtotosClearstory Everyday Photo Books make it easier and faster than ever to quickly create a photo book for all of your special moments. Simply select your best photos to fill 20 pages. You have flexibility to make your photo book just the way you want, with a large photo on a single page and/or groups of photos on a page.  You can even start your photo book with a text page to tell your story about the First Day of School.  Simply download the software and upload your photos. The software is Windows and Mac-friendly, and will walk you through the entire process.

Everyday Photo Books Are Treasured Gifts.
When your children are older and reminisce about their childhood, you will easily be able to pull out their Back to School Photo Book and talk about their memories of early school days. Imagine the feeling of talking to your child about the first day of Kindergarten when she is about to head off to college for the first time!

Everyday Photo Books are a great way to capture the memories of the school year and share them with friends and family for years to come. Whether you want to preserve the memories of your child’s first-ever day of school or any other milestone in your child’s life, Everyday Photo Books make it fast, easy and affordable. Clearstory Everyday Photo Books are beautiful hard cover books with 20 pages and can be created for just $19.95.

Start Creating Now!

Create Photo Book

Clearstory Featured on Hallmark Channel

San Diego Business Woman and Entrepreneur Featured on Hallmark Channel’s Daytime Emmy-Nominated “Home & Family.” 

Debara Medina, founder of Clearstory Digital Publishing, discusses directions and innovations in the self-publishing industry on the “Home & Family” show to air July 18, 2013.

Debra Medina, Founder of Clearstory Digital Publishing

Debara Medina, Founder of Clearstory Digital Publishing

Debara Medina, entrepreneur and founder of San Diego-based Clearstory Digital Publishing, will appear on the Daytime Emmy-nominated “Home & Family” on Hallmark Channel airing July 18, 2013 at 10 am ET/9:00c  to discuss consumer trends in the self-publishing industry.  Medina will also introduce the Everyday Photo Book, Clearstory’s new low-priced, high-quality photo book product.

Debara Medina founded Clearstory to satisfy unmet needs in the growing self-publishing and photo book markets. The number of self-published books produced annually in the U.S. has nearly tripled, growing 287 percent since 2006, and print book production by small presses increased more than 74 percent between 2006 and 2011, according to Bowker® Books In Print and Bowker® Identifier Services.

With a high-tech background, Medina knows how to bring innovation and sophisticated solutions to emerging and expanding markets.

During her appearance on “Home & Family,” Medina will explain why she decided to go into this industry.  “I went into this business because, as a mother, I wanted to preserve the history of my family in a way that tells a clear story.  There are a lot of companies offering ways to help consumers make their own photo books, but they are generally complicated, time consuming, or not well produced.  I wanted to give a simple and fast way for anyone to tell their stories in a high quality way,” says Medina.

academic help

The Fast, easy and affordable Every Day photo Book from Clearstory

The Every Day Photo Book from Clearstory

Medina will also introduce the Everyday Photo Book, an elegantly simple way to quickly create a sophisticated photo book without sacrificing quality.  “While the process of organizing and laying out the photo book will be streamlined to make it fast and easy for a novice to bring their story to life, the quality of print, materials, finishing and bookbinding will be of the highest standards.  Anyone, regardless of experience or ability, will be able to easily create a beautiful photo book that they can be proud of, in just minutes,” states Medina.

The Everyday Photo Book gives customers a fast, easy and cost effective way to share their everyday stories, photos and special memories.  The Everyday Photo Book simplifies the layout so even a novice can quickly create a beautiful book. Unlike many photo book publishers, Clearstory doesn’t clutter the page with gimmicky graphics.  And Clearstory prints and binds all products in their state-of-the-art, digital printing facility to assure the highest quality as well as more customer options.

The Everyday Photo Book is a 20 page, 8 x 8 inch, hard cover die cut book and includes a title page and a story page. Customers can choose either high quality mat or glossy paper and costs just $19.95. The Everyday Photo Book is the fast, easy and high-quality way to share your everyday stories.

About Clearstory:  Clearstory, a women-owned small business (WOSB) and creative digital print publisher in San Diego, CA, serves the self-publishing and photo book printing industry as well as an array of business printing needs.  “All our work is done in-house at our state-of-the-art facility for the ultimate innovation and quality control.  At Clearstory, we celebrate everyone’s story,” says Medina. Clearstory uses the latest digital technology, including the HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press,  finishing, and bookbinding in order to offer innovation to anyone, from businesses to individuals, with a passion for telling their story with sophistication.

You Dream It, We Make it.    

About the Hallmark Channel and “Home & Family”:
Hallmark Channel is the quintessential 24-hour television destination for family-friendly programming and a leader in the production of original movies. One of the fastest-growing major ad-supported cable networks since its launch in 2001 and reaching over 87 million U.S. homes, Hallmark Channel delivers on a 100-year legacy and a brand promise that resonates with viewers.