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“I just wanted to thank you… [my portfolio] turned out so well, I’m so happy with the outcome! The AIGA Portfolio Show was amazing and I actually received the award for best identity/branding as well as the 1st place scholarship out of about 50 graduating graphic designers!! It was such a pleasure working with you all and I will definitely be coming back!”
—Libby  Spangler, Design Student, Point Loma Nazarene University.

“The books are a HIT! …Our client got the gift books and they LOVE THEM! They were incredibly surprised and impressed.”
–Angela Renac, MiresBall Brand Design.

“It was so beautiful and everything worked out perfectly. The best compliments are those that come from the people who look at it for the first time. It was great!”
–Theresa Benavidez, Corelation Inc.

“Robert and I both love the books and we think that Clearstory has done an amazing job putting them together and we really appreciate the time and effort that your designers and staff put in.”
—Tyler Aldrich and Robert Maja, local fine artist.

“Clearstory had a great display booth at the AIGA San Diego Y Design Conference on Friday…great local resource for making books – get on it!”
–Terri Beth Mitchell, Designer/Artist.

“Clearstory has built their business to combine the best of the experienced printer with the benefits of short run and quick turn. It’s taken digital printing a big step- BACK- with a return to being a creative complement to the work again. They seem to understand they’re not a printer–but rather a creative resource–that prints.”
–Ron Miriello, Director Miriello Grafico