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How to Choose a Photo Book Printing Company

Quality Photo Book Printing

To Get a Quality Photo Book, You Need to Select a Quality Photo Book Printing Company

Since the advent of the digital camera, you might realize that you don’t have as many family albums as you used to. Many people keep their photos on a computer drive or saved to a disc, but this doesn’t present the same opportunity for sharing your photos as bringing out an actual album. The solution to this problem is quite simple – create a photo book that you can proudly display in your home.

Photo book publishing is a creative and simple way to bring your digital images to life.  With so many choices, how do you decide which photo book publishing company to go with?

Tips for Choosing Your Photo Book Printing Company

Paper Stock

Most photo book publishers will give you a choice between glossy or matte finish, but give little indication about the weight or quality of the paper stock they will print on. Selecting a photo book printing company that utilizes premium grade paper stock for your photo book is crucial to giving your photos the best finish.  A thicker paper stock not only translates to clearer images, it will not be easily ripped or soiled with frequent use.   Lighter weight paper may compromise the ink used to print your book and is less likely to withstand being handled by children or just many hands over time.

Gloss or Matte Finish

For most photo books, we recommend a matte finish. Since matte finish is non-reflective, you will not have problems with dust, fingerprints, nor reflection from sun or other light sources. But matte finishes do absorb more ink into the paper, which can affect image sharpness. If you want to highlight fine details, you may want to select a glossy paper.

Glossy paper will create a vibrant and crisp image, but is generally selected for photos that will be framed to protect them from dust and fingerprints and when the photo will be displayed where light will not impact viewing.  If you are not worried about reflection or fingerprints and want the brightest image, you may want to select a gloss paper.

High End CoversQuality Photo Book Covers

You CAN tell a book by its cover. You want a photo book cover that will be as beautiful as the images within your photo book. There are many different types of photo book covers in either softcover, using cover weight photo paper, or hardcover that can be finished in fabric, leather, canvas, photo wrap, or mat board with specialty die cut. To protect your most cherished photos, we recommend a hard cover to keep the pages inside from bending and becoming damaged.

Photo Book TemplatesCrisp Templates

The template for your photo book publishing project is the way that you organize the layout of your pictures within the book. On some pages, you might want to feature just one striking photo, while on other pages it makes sense to include two or three pictures. Many photo book publishing companies offer templates that are cluttered with theme related graphics.

You want your photos to be the stars of your book, not someone else’s graphics. You also want the flexibility to organize your photos in a way that clearly tells your story.  With a clean, crisp template, you will have a much easier time laying out your photos and creating a more professional looking photo book. Our recommendation: Don’t waste your time with complicated templates or one that is cluttered with extraneous graphics.

State-of-the-art Printing Equipment

State of the Art Photo Book Printing EquipmentHigh-end printing equipment will give you consistent color across all of your images and produce clear images.  Clearstory uses state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, including the HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press, which delivers unmatched photo print quality.

Your photo book project is a creative and fun way to display all of your favorite pictures. Whether you want to commemorate an important event like a wedding, or if you just want to document all of your family moments, take the time to find a photo book publishing company that uses the right materials and delivers the highest quality. By using the best inks and paper in the publishing industry, your book will be something truly impressive that you can show off to family and friends.

Clearstory is committed to providing the industry’s highest quality paper, inks, printing processes, finishing, bookbinding and innovation to every person with a passion for telling their story with sophistication.

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