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Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Capture your Hanukkah traditions in a photo book that every member of your family will treasure.

Hanukkah Photo Book Landscape

Each year, your family gathers to celebrate Hanukkah – the Festival of Lights.  Commemorate the spirit of the holiday and your family traditions in a photo book that will be a cherished gift for every member of your family. From the history behind serving fried foods to the lighting of the menorah, to spinning a dreidel, your photo book will help you pass along the important Hanukkah traditions to the future generations of your family in a really personal way.

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Lighting the Menorah

The lighting of the Menorah symbolizes the miracle that a one-day supply of oil kept the temple lantern blazing for eight days. Photographs, as you light the nine-branched menorah, with candlelight flickering against the windowpane can beautifully set the tone of your photo book.

Break Out Your Dreidels

Take photos of family and friends partaking in this traditional Hanukkah fun. Include a series of photos as they spin the Driedel and as they pile up their gelt or chocolate coins.  You might want to include a page with the lyrics of traditional Dreidel songs with a close up of the Dreidel itself.

Hanukkah Photo Book

The Hanukkah Feast

There is nothing that says Hanukkah better than the delicious deep-fried foods that are served up for the holiday. Be sure to include photos of the cooks in your family frying up the latkes and sufganyot.  If there is a special family recipe, a Hanukkah photo book is the perfect place to include it to insure that the recipe lives on for generations to come. Don’t forget to include shots of everyone enjoying the festive fare.

Hanukkah Colors

The traditional colors for Hanukkah are blue and white. While there are different theories as to why these colors represent the holiday, white is often thought to stand for purity, while blue represents faith and truth. Incorporating the colors of Hanukkah into your photo book can be done in the form of font color, the shade of your paper, or the décor that you include on the cover of the album.

Putting the Hanukkah Photo Book Together

Online photo book software makes it easy to layout your Hanukkah Photo Book.  Select the type of photo book you want to create, choosing whether you want hard cover or soft cover, whether you want to include text and determine the approximate number of pages you want to include. Simply, upload your photos then the software will guide you through laying out each page. Our Tip: carefully select the photos you want to include in your Hanukkah photo book before you upload your photos.  It will be much easier to layout the photos in your photo book if you have sorted through them and made your selections before deciding on the final layout.

The Perfect Hanukkah Gift

Whether you give just one special gift or a gift on each night of Hanukkah, a photo book that documents your family’s Hanukkah traditions makes a wonderful keepsake that will be passed down to future generations. It tells the story of your family traditions, captures special moments with relatives and inspires the youngest generations to carry on your Hanukkah traditions for years to come. Give a last gift. Give the gift of a Hanukkah Photo book to pass along your family memories and traditions.