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Clearstory Works Toward a Greener Image

With the go green movement in full swing, many companies are adopting eco-friendly practices and working toward a greener tomorrow. When you’re in the printing industry, however, you’re confronted with a few conflicts. Most obvious is that your business is dependent on paper and machinery, which uses both resources and energy. In lieu of this, the industry is not always viewed as the most environmentally friendly. Many companies, however, are working to change this image by incorporating green initiatives into their organizations and opting for sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

In a recent article by Catherine Carter published on Whattheythink.com, she examines the issue that companies struggle with: ecological versus economical. While there are obvious limitations to what a printing business can do to lower its impact, she explains that the changes made are both environmentally and financially beneficial considering that waste can account for “as much as 4% of a company’s turnover.” She also discusses the various paper certifications companies can obtain to ensure their clients are utilizing sustainable material, something more and more customers are seeking for in a printer.

In addition, Carter offers many suggestions to lower the environmental impact ranging from installing energy efficient presses, to incorporating better project management in order to minimize waste of both energy and materials. We were proud to see that Clearstory has already implemented a number of her suggestions in our attempt to become greener. Approximately 60% of our papers, for example, are FSC certified and we utilize eco-friendly water-based inks. In addition, our HP Indigo 5500 press reduces oil waste by 50% and allows us to do short run projects, significantly cutting down our paper and energy waste. We do not plan on stopping here, however, as we grow, Clearstory will strive to incorporate more green practices into our business and do our share to help improve both the planet and the industry’s image.

To read the full article, please follow this link