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Clearstory Sponsors AIGA’s Y17 Conference

Clearstory was excited to collaborate with AIGA once again as one of the title sponsors for this year’s Y17 Conference. The conference, held March 30-31st at University of San Diego, is an annual event with a series of speakers and thinkshops designed to inspire and encourage creativity in the design community. As a sponsor, Clearstory donated 8×10 sketchbooks specifically designed for the event and funded the reception following the first day’s speakers. We also raffled off two certificates, each worth $500, for custom portfolios.

We also had a booth in the resource center. Students and guests were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with our custom books and staff to discuss options for portfolios, brochures, or any other design project they had in mind.

Both days of the conference featured speakers, or “Drivers,” that spoke on this year’s theme of “What Drives You?” Each driver gave unique insight into what inspired them in their specific fields, which ranged from designers like Andrew Byrom, who teaches design and lets the world around him inspire his typography, to well-known designer Karim Rashid, who designs everything from water bottles to luxury hotels.  Another driver,  Eben Bayer, developed an alternative to styrofoam by experimenting with different fungus. The result? An eco-friendly packing material made of mushrooms. However different each speaker was, they were all similar in their approach to use creativity to fuel their work and worlds.

For more information on AIGA and the Y17 conference, including a full list of the speakers and workshops, visit their website.