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Clearstory and AIGA San Diego

Clearstory was recently given the opportunity to contribute to Unite 2012. Unite is an event hosted by student leaders of the AIGA San Diego, bringing together each of the local collegiate design programs for a day of both information and inspiration. Clearstory donated a beautiful double float metal print for the event, which featured Margo Chase, renowned designer and founder of Chase Design Group.

The piece displayed one of the sculptures created by Ron Miriello for his 100 worlds project and was photographed by Nick Nacca. To create the piece, two images, one black and white, and one color, were printed on an Epson Inkjet 9890 and applied to two aluminum plates with a heat press. The color print was placed on top of the black and white print with a spacer in between to create a striking three-dimensional effect.

The event, which raised money for the AIGA student chapter of San Diego, was held at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA. Margo Chase gave a presentation on her experiences as a designer and the various emotions created by her work to reach her clients’ audiences. All money raised is returned to the chapter and goes toward next year’s Unite event. For more information on AIGA San Diego and their events, please contact Min Choi at min@mentus.com or visit www.sandiego.aiga.org/about .

Ron Miriello is the founder and president of miriello grafico, a branding firm based in San Diego. His “100 Worlds Project” has gained national recognition and has been featured in both television and print media. For more information on Ron Miriello and his work, please visit http://miriellografico.com/mg/ and  www.100worldsproject.com/.