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Back to School Photo Books

Get your cameras ready, the kids are going back to school. Here are some photo ideas for capturing all those back to school moments. Make the memories last with a fast, easy, affordable and beautiful Back to School Photo Book.

Back to School Phtotos

Fall is in the air and the kids are heading back to school. Packed lunches, yellow school buses and piles of homework are ahead!  These are special moments in your children’s lives, whether they’re entering the first grade or their senior year in high school. Capture these moments in a Back to School Photo Book, so that you can reminisce, for years to come, about these once-in-a-lifetime memories.

A photo book that is fast, easy and affordable to create will help you to make sure that your back to school photos don’t end up in a dusty bin of long-forgotten photos or in the never looked at files on your computer. You can document the whole process of going back to school with your child’s help!

Don’t Forget a Single Moment

Back to School Photo Book
Going back to school is about much more than that first morning of school. Your child starts getting excited about heading back to school long before the big day. Capture all of the moments that lead up to going back to school.

  • Take your camera along when shopping for new school supplies and clothing.
  • Document the “fashion shows” your kids put on when they try on their back-to-school outfits.
  • Have a family member take a photo of you helping your daughter with her hair or tying the shoelaces on your son’s new skate shoes.
  • Have your camera ready as your family sits down to breakfast on that first day of school and as you pack the lunches.
  • Photograph your kids loading up their new backpacks with school supplies and books.
  • Get a shot of your child walking to school or the bus stop.
  • If you take your child to school, capture the reunion with friends, standing in line to enter the classroom, and when your child first meets his or her teacher.
  • Other moments might include photos at the end of the day when they come home to tell you all about their first day at school over cookies and milk.

Keep a Camera on Hand to Capture Special Moments Every Day.
You never know when a photo opportunity will present itself, so make sure you always keep a camera at hand. For instance, your child might bring home a new friend. Capture their playtime in the yard, bonding over snacks, or let them have the camera to document each other’s adventures.

Everyday Photo Book Software Helps to Make Preserving Your Every Day Moments Fast and Easy.
Remember the days when you had to take your roll of film in for developing, then sort through the photos and put them into photo albums? For many of us, those photos stayed in their envelopes, never to be organized into a photo album. Those that did make it into an album are now yellowed or permantly stuck to the protective plastic.

Everyday Photo Books for Back to School PhtotosClearstory Everyday Photo Books make it easier and faster than ever to quickly create a photo book for all of your special moments. Simply select your best photos to fill 20 pages. You have flexibility to make your photo book just the way you want, with a large photo on a single page and/or groups of photos on a page.  You can even start your photo book with a text page to tell your story about the First Day of School.  Simply download the software and upload your photos. The software is Windows and Mac-friendly, and will walk you through the entire process.

Everyday Photo Books Are Treasured Gifts.
When your children are older and reminisce about their childhood, you will easily be able to pull out their Back to School Photo Book and talk about their memories of early school days. Imagine the feeling of talking to your child about the first day of Kindergarten when she is about to head off to college for the first time!

Everyday Photo Books are a great way to capture the memories of the school year and share them with friends and family for years to come. Whether you want to preserve the memories of your child’s first-ever day of school or any other milestone in your child’s life, Everyday Photo Books make it fast, easy and affordable. Clearstory Everyday Photo Books are beautiful hard cover books with 20 pages and can be created for just $19.95.

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